About Us

VAN REALI has always been regarded as one of the best kept secrets in the Colombian Emerald industry. As a sight holder of Colombian Emeralds, VAN REALI has the first selection direct from the mine.

We then delicately dictate the cutting, polishing and treatment of the stones excavated, leading to the creation of the most desirable and rarest one of a kind stones.

Van Reali is the source of the majority of the finest Colombian Emeralds you see in only the biggest stores in the United States, Europe, Asia and especially the Middle East.

Celebrities, fashion icons and powerful high net worth individuals can be seen wearing Van Reali Emeralds. Our founders vision when creating a Van Reali Emerald is to present a stone that will show power, yet elegance to the individual wearing it.

Van Reali works directly with buyers, dealers and the most luxurous private clients in the world. The demand for a Van Reali Emerald is greater than any other, simply because Van Reali has access to only the finest, most unique and rarest Colombian Emeralds.

Colombia Headquarters

Van Reali’s Colombia office is where our process begins. The founders of Van Reali source fine rough directly from the emerald mines in Colombia. We then pick and choose what we consider “Van Reali quality”, and begin our cutting process. Depending on personal vision or a specific order from our highly coveted private clients, we cut our rough and create our merchandise. The majority of Van Reali merchandise is never seen before and goes straight from the mine, to the cutting board, and to our clients hands.

Van Reali has buyers consistently looking and sourcing other finished goods and roughs from other mines as well. Our team members consistently have an understanding of what production is being made and we aim to acquire anything we consider top quality merchandise.

New York Headquarters

Once complete, most Van Reali Colombian Emeralds make their way to our New York City Headquarters where we prepare to certify and present them to our most important clientele. Our founders consistently travel back and forth between Colombia and New York in order to keep our inventory fresh and brand new.

All appointments can be scheduled in our New York headquarters. Van Reali has a stout team of experts who can help fulfill any request.